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The International Conference on Genome informatics GIW/ISCB-Asia 2020 (aka Genome Informatics Workshop) is the longest running international bioinformatics conference. Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and the results in computational and statistical aspects of life sciences in general and genomics in particular. GIW/ISCB-Asia will be held at National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan for the second time, eight years after the very well received GIW 2012. This site will be updated as more details become available. As an interdisciplinary conference GIW is about joining communities. Potential organizers of satellite meetings or special sessions are encouraged to contact us.

International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB)

GIW/ABACBS-2019 (Sydney, Australia)

GIW-2018 (Kunming, China)

Key Dates

will be announced.


Conference Chairs
Jung-Hsien Chiang National Cheng Kung University
Paul Horton National Cheng Kung University
Steering Committee
Yana Bromberg Rutgers University
Janet Kelso Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Christine Oregano University College London
Wataru Iwasaki The University of Tokyo
Paul Horton National Cheng Kung University
Jung-Hsien Chiang National Cheng Kung University
Program Committee Co-chairs
Tsunglin Liu National Cheng Kung University
Michiaki Hamada Waseda University

Keynote/Invited Speakers

Keynote Speaker Affiliation ُSpeech Topic

Call for papers

The International Conference on Genome informatics 2020 (GIW/ISCB-Asia 2020) invites high-quality original full papers on any topic related to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Genome-wide Association Study
  • Gene Expression Analysis
  • Genomic Database
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Functional Genomics
  • Next-generation Sequencing
  • Structural Genomics
  • Simulation of Biological System
  • Biomarker Identification and Drug Discovery
  • Biological Network Reconstruction and Analysis -Protein Interaction Networks
  • Biological Databases
  • Protein Structure and Function Prediction
  • Medical and Biomedical Informatics
  • Knowledge Extraction from Literature
  • Modeling of Biological Systems
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • Bio-data Visualization
  • Gene Regulatory Networks
  • Comparative Genomics
  • Venue

  • Name: National Cheng Kung University
  • Address : No. 1, University Road, Tainan City 70101, TAIWAN(R.O.C.)
  • City: Tainan
  • Country : Taiwan
  • Location and hotels

    Will be announced.

    Travel and visa

    For our visitors who do not hold an Taiwan passport, it may be useful to check out the latest visa information from the Taiwan Government’s Department of Home Affairs: https://www.taiwan.gov.tw/3818.php

    For visitors who would like to obtain formal invitation letters for visas (in PDF format), please e-mail a request to Sina Abdollahi (giw2020@iir.csie.ncku.edu.tw) along with the following personal information:

  • Name as in passport;
  • Title: Mr/Ms/Dr/Assoc Prof/Prof;
  • Affiliation;
  • Mailing address including country;
  • act telephone number;
  • Name as in passport;
  • Sponsors

    Will be announced.

    Contact us

    Full Address :

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    E-mail Address : giw2020@iir.csie.ncku.edu.tw

    Keynote/Invited Speakers


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